Project Appraisal

15 Maio 2018, 09:00 Elsa Fontainha

Questions about all program.



14 Maio 2018, 08:30 Elsa Fontainha


Mid term test results consultation. (answers available online)

Chapter 06 Project Selection

30 Abril 2018, 08:30 Elsa Fontainha

The case of 2 alternative Projects.

IRR, NPV, Payback Period

Fisher´s intersection

The effect of the discount rate on the NPV of different projects

NPV profile across time and project duration. Calculations and Graph.

Homework: answer lines g) MIRR and h) PI



Financing of Projects

24 Abril 2018, 09:00 Elsa Fontainha

Financing of Projects and Capital Structure (cont.)

Computation of WACC and ks (cost of own capital)

ks, risk premium and CAPM methodology.

Beta meaning. Beta search in the Internet by sector/corporates.





17 Abril 2018, 09:00 Elsa Fontainha


Part A and Part B