Assessment Regulations
1. In each semester two assessment periods are avaliable: the Normal Period and the Repeat Period.
2. The Normal Period consists of two written examinations:
a) the Mid-term Test, to be held in the middle of the semester, graded in a 0−10 scale (C1); b) the Final Test, to be held at the end of the semester, also graded in a 0−10 scale (C2).
Each one of these tests has a duration of no less than 60 minutes.
3. A student will be failed in the Normal Period assessment if: - he does not attend the Mid-term Test (or gives up); or - the grade obtained in the Mid-term Test is less than 3 marks (C1 < 3); or - the sum of the grades of the two tests is less than 9,5 marks (C1 + C2 < 9,5).
4. Otherwise, the student will be approved, with a nal grade given by the sum C1 + C2, rounded to an integer number.
5. The Reapeat Period consists of one single exam with a duration of no less than 120 minutes, graded in a 0 − 20 scale (CR). Students obtaining a grade of no less than 9,5 marks (CR ≥ 9,5) will be approved. Their nal grade will be given by CR rounded to an integer number.
6. In the written tests and exams of this course, the use of: - calculators or other electronic devices; - any documentation, including self-made formularies
is not allowed.
7. For other matters not treated in the present document, the general rules of ISEG-UL will apply, in particular the Regulamento Geral de Avaliação de Conhecimentos de Licenciaturas.