Métodos de Ensino e Avaliações

Regular assessment period The evaluation of this course, in accordance with Article 2 of the General Regulations for Assessment of Undergraduate Degrees (GRAUD), will be the result of a weighted average of the following assessment:A final written examination (weighting 50%) - minimum score: 8 points -Graded assessments throughout the semester: attendance and participation in class, mini individual presentations, and other individual or team work (50% weighting) - minimum score: 8 points. 2) Repeat assessment period The evaluation at this period, according to Article 3 (paragraphs 1 and 2) of the GRAUD, consists of a written examination. The final classification includes the overall rating of the graded component throughout the semester, with the weights set for the regular period, if this component benefits the student. The improvement of grade is based solely on the written examination (Article 7, paragraph 2 of GRAUD).