2023/2024 + Info

Breve Introdução

The overall organisation of the economy, industrial production and operations are at the heart of competitiveness. Although products can be copied, factories, the organisational methods and operations are not so easy to imitate. Perhaps for this reason, the current debate on re-industrialisation is centred on industry's important role in the creation of innovation capabilities.

Created in 1993, the ISEG Masters in Management and Industrial Strategy studies several topics related to economics, industrial organisation and innovation policies, as well as competitiveness and industrialisation. The degree aims to teach students how to solve complex problems regarding the organisation of value chains on a global scale. Throughout the degree, participants acquire skills for the optimisation of processes and operations, innovation and technology management, supply and logistics management, strategic management, internationalisation, marketing and quality management, as well as in how to deal with finance and analyse investments.

Over the years, we take pride in the fact that alumni from the ISEG Masters in Management and Industrial Strategy (GEI) occupy prominent roles in the best-known industrial and service companies.

The course will be taught in English starting in 2021/2022