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Requisitos de Acesso

We are looking for students with a solid background in quantitative methods. This usually requires that the candidates hold a degree at or above the first cycle of studies in the areas of Economics, Management, Finance, Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management, Mathematics, Statistics, Information Systems, or Engineering. This degree may be conferred by a foreign institution. Candidates holding degrees from other areas will be considered on a case by case basis.

Specifically, the applicant's education should include courses on calculus, probability and statistics. Programming and information systems management courses, and courses on econometrics and statistical modeling are also valued.

Calculation for the Grading of the Candidates

  1. The ranking is based on the grade awarded to each candidate. This grade is calculated according to the process described below. 
  2. The application grade is based on the average final grade of the 1st cycle. This average is converted to the 0-20 scale and can be multiplied by a coefficient ranging between 0.8 and 1.2, depending on the committee's assessment of the University conferring the degree and on the degree itself. Bonus points or penalties can be added depending on the classifications obtained by the students in specific curricular units, specifically those related to probability and statistics, and to programming and information systems management. This score ranges between -2 and 2. The candidate's professional experience in areas related to the subject matter of the degree can be taken into account by means of a score ranging between 0 and 1 point.


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