2023/2024 + Info

Breve Introdução

ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Universidade de Lisboa, is at the forefront of Portuguese universities in the fields of Economics, Management and Finance, and is the oldest school in these scientific areas. Furthermore, the study of Mathematics has been of utmost importance in the support of teaching and research activities. 

ISEG, with strong departments of Mathematics, Economics and Management, and with a policy of internationalisation, benefits from the corresponding synergies, and provides excellent conditions for studying the Masters in Mathematical Finance (MMF). This fact, together with the high quality of its teaching staff, all of whom hold PhDs from prestigious universities, makes MMF unique in Portugal. 

The strong relationship between ISEG and the financial sector, both at a national and an international level, contributes to the international recognition that the Masters in Mathematical Finance adds value to the competitiveness of the financial sector, and to improving the employability of its graduates.  

In accordance with ISEG's mission, the Masters in Mathematical Finance also prepares students for further doctoral studies and for carrying out innovation and scientific research in departments of companies, or at universities or other higher education institutions. 

Values such as freedom of intellectual and scientific expression and respect for ethical principles and social responsibility are all key points of ISEG's mission