There are two types of assessment: Regular Assessment and Resit Assessment 

Regular Assessment

In the regular assessment, the students have to take:
(a) Exam  (worth 20 marks) during the regular assessment period.
(b) Set of 6 exercises (each one worth 4 marks) during the semester.  Only the 5 best exercises will be counted to the student’s grade.
The Final grade of students is obtained according to the following formula: 
max(0.85* (a) + 0.15*(b), (a))
A minimum final grade of 10 is required to pass the module of Statistics I.

Resit Assessment 

This type of assessment is for students who have not met the pass criteria of the module in the regular assessment and for students who wish to improve their marks (melhorias). The assessment will take place on the date scheduled by the School in the repeat exam period, by a written exam. It covers all topics detailed in the program of the module.  A minimum grade of 10 in this exam is required to pass the module of Statistics I.