Instructions for the exams


·       Make sure your mobile phone/smartwatch is switched off. It is not enough to put these equipments in silence. It is not allowed to use any electronic devices, namely equipments with communication capability.

·       All the answers should be written in clear and legible English with blue or black ink. Do not use pencils or erasable pens.

·       Answer all the questions in the exam in the blank spaces reserved to do it in the exam script. The exam monitors will provide scrap paper. You cannot share scrap paper during the exam.

·       You may use calculators without communication and graphical capability. You cannot share calculators during the exam.

·       You may not use any support material unless the exam monitors provides it on the day of the exam.

·       You are not allowed to leave the exam rooms in the first 30 minutes. After this, if you leave the room, you will not be allowed to return.

·       You cannot enter the room after 30 minutes of the beginning of the exam.

·       Stop writing immediately when the exam monitor says it, at the end of the exam. Students must remain seated at their desks and in silence until the monitor has collected all examination scripts.

·       You are responsible to ensure that your answer scripts are submitted at the end of the examination to the monitor. If you are present for the examination and do not want to submit an answer script, you have to write a signed statement in which you declare that you do not want to submit an answer script. Note that in this case your mark in the exam will be zero.

·       At any time, breaking one or more of the above rules will cause the exam to be annulled.